3 computer security blogs you should read every week

Computer security is highly important not only for companies and businesses but also at a personal level. Since the invention of the internet, there have been various threats that endanger our devices and personal information. This is why it is up to every individual that uses the internet or basically owns a computer device to take the necessary steps towards computer security. The simplest way of doing this is by ensuring that we are always informed on any new development in the computer industry as well learn the different ways of protecting ourselves from these threats. There are some blogs that you should read weekly so as to always stay updated. Some of these blogs include;

Google online security blog


Many people tend to think that the blog post only provides information on Google security. This is not the case they cover all areas dealing with computer security. The best part about the blog site is that they regularly update they content and inform their readers on the latest developments in computer security. It is accessible on https://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com.

Dark reading

Dark reading

From its motto, you can understand why it has been rated among the best computer security sites available. The mottos simply states ‘connecting the information security community’. It is one of the most comprehensive security blog site available. It has articles on the latest trend and other important issues. The site is easily accessible on http://www.darkreading.com/.



CERIAS is an abbreviation standing for Center of Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. From the site, the readers will highly benefit from results of the latest security research topics and be able to ensure that they are properly protected. They have several blogs dealing with computer security and also some history blogs. It is the best place to learn all you want on computer security.

These are the three main sites that you should ensure that you read every week. They always update new content.

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