How to check if your files are infected with a computer virus

When dealing with computers, one of the most stressful things is having a computer virus. It is important to take note that there are several threats that one should always be aware of. Some people tend not to check for malware or other spy programs. This is why it is important to ensure that you install a good antivirus program that is able to detect all threats.

When it comes to viruses, there are several ways that one can be able to check if you files are already infected by a virus. Apart from searching by using an antivirus, it is always best to do a personal check. Just like when a person is sick, there are some symptoms that will easily inform you that some of your files are already infected. Some of the simple symptoms to look out for include the following;

The computer has started being slow

In the case that your computer starts operating slower than usual then there is a high probability that some files might be infected. The main reason that causes slow performance is that viruses tend to run various tasks in the background that usually end up using up a lot of resources.

Unknown error messages

In the case that you start getting error messages when trying to run programs or files that were running properly at first, the computer might be infected. If you notice this ensure that you install a new antivirus and scan the computer fully so as to get rid of the virus.


Viruses tend to cause computer instability when they are not removed. In case they can do all worst kind of things to your computer. They end up damaging important computer files that might end up causing your computer to crash.

Once you these symptoms appear, ensure that you scan and remove all the present viruses in order to avoid further destruction to files.

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