The best type of flooring for home

Each room in your home should have its type of flooring.


Because each room has its function, and, sometimes those functions make it unsuitable for some types of flooring.

Kitchen: Kitchens should have tile or vinyl tile floors. This is because tile and vinyl do best with wet environments. Kitchens tend to have water splashing, spills, heat and humidity from the stove, the oven, boiling, and cooking, etc. All of these things can wreak havoc on wood and wood laminate flooring. Some people do have hardwood floors in their kitchens, but, they are often kitchens that are not in heavy use. A good tip from GERS Flooring in Long Branch NJ is to remember, every time the wood gets wet, it can warp because it sucks up moisture like a sponge.

Warped hardwood or laminate will be ruined, quickly.

Bathrooms: Much like a kitchen, your bathroom should have tile or vinyl tiles. Wood and laminates are never a good idea in a shower as the overall moisture will warp them and damage the floor. Same with the carpet. Carpet soaks up moisture and holds onto it. This leads to mold growth under the rug (and underwood type floors as well). This is extremely unhealthy and can lead to a considerable mold problem down the road because mold spreads from room to room easily.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms are versatile and can handle pretty much any flooring. Carpet, tile, wood…depending on the look you want, you can use any of those types of floors. If you wish to cooler stories, go with tile or wood. If you’d like a warmer feel, go with carpet.

Basement: Basements are much like kitchens and bathrooms… they do not handle moisture very well. Carpet should never be used in a basement because of the dampness and humidity. This will quickly lead to a vast, unhealthy mold problem.

Same with wood type floors.

In a basement, you can use tile, vinyl, or just painted cement. This can be done by a waterproofer so that no moisture or water get into your basement.

If you soak floors in the garage or workshop, where it can take a bit of abuse, the rubber floor tile is a good choice. They will bear heavier weights better, but there are still a lot of colors and finishes to choose from if you are concerned about the features plus the durability.

Your kitchen is another room that can take a lot of abuse, with leaks and other things dropped. Because some of these things can be very hot, you will need non-temperature sensitive floor materials. It has been waxed for a long time, but it is still one of the most effective types of flooring for the kitchen.

Make sure you do your homework before choosing your flooring. Knowing what you will use, and what types of flooring suits your needs, will best save you a lot of trouble and give you the floor that will last for years to come.

Work with your contractor to pick the best type of floor for your budget and the ones that fit the rooms you are remodeling in the best way.